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Say you are a small business with one employee. Say you been a 1 man or woman shop for over 10 years. One day you come into work (your home) and you open up your computer and notice their is a screen saver that just does not seem to close no matter what you so. So you do what anyone would do, you reboot. The same screen saver comes back again saying “Your personal files are encrypted”. 


For sure you can’t call ghost busters and for sure you can’t use your computer to look up a local expect in your area that is familiar with computers to help you out. So what do you do. Oh by the way, you have all 10 years of data stored on your local C:\DRIVE.


Data have value to the person or company that values their data the most. The bad guys, the people who makes these virus to make money off of you, well the value for them is getting paid to unencrypted your own data that you own.

So you call a friend who knows someone who can get rid of the bug in your computer, oh by the way Mac’s gets virus as well. There is this company called Alpha Star Tech Inc your friend refereed you to and they seem to know their stuff by talking to them on the phone. So you asked them to come in for the low price you can afford being a 1 person business. To your surprise, they was able to clean the virus up, install anti-virus on your computer as there was not installed before and sold you a solution called Datto to backup your information to a device than it makes a copy to the cloud.


All is done right. Not really. Alpha Star Tech Inc does not just stop with a solution to fix the problem you are currently facing, we send newsletters to keep you up to date and aware of what’s happening and you start to realize that just over 3 years ago you got a person to help you with your computer virus but now you gained a friend, a trust partner in crime who have skin in the game to not only protect your 1 person business but also help grow it.


From a 1 person business now to a 10 person business you no longer have to worry about your IT challenges once you partner with Alpha Start Tech Inc.


At Alpha Star Tech Inc. we protect your data with Datto backup and recovery solutions.


Back up your databases, files, applications, endpoints and VMs with a solution that won’t fail you when you need it the most. With our 24 by 7 IT support, we have you covered even while you are sleeping.


Call us to today to get a free data recovery assessment to see how we can start improving your backup and recovery needs.

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